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Reveal your Natural Beauty with Plant Based Skincare

Clarins’ founding belief was that a woman’s beauty is directly linked to her wellbeing and happiness. It was a radical thought at the time, but this philosophy continues to underpin Clarins approach to skincare—bringing you the purity of natural plant based products as part of simple skincare routines that reveal the beauty of every woman.

How to build your skincare routine

Nobody’s perfect—but Clarins’ philosophy is that every woman is beautiful and beauty is linked to our wellbeing and happiness. This is why every Clarins product is designed not only to address your skin concerns, but to deliver gentle, plant based ingredients and natural fragrances that weave a sense of care and wellbeing into every beauty routine. So let’s get started building a simple skincare routine.

Step #1: Cleansers and toners

Cleansing has three benefits for the skin: It cleans away dead surface cells, makeup, excess oil, bacteria and pore-clogging debris, gives your skin’s circulation a helping hand, and preps it to receive the full benefits of the products to follow.

When caring for dry skin, Clarins gentle cleansers help to refresh, gently cleanse and soften the appearance of dry skin—while a cleansing milk that gently lifts away makeup and impurities with no need for water is an essential part of any skincare routine for sensitive skin. If your beauty routine includes a toner, make sure it is gentle and alcohol-free to remove every last trace of cleanser, leaving even the most dry or sensitive skin visibly soft, comfortable, and refreshed.

Step #2: Eye care

Dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines can give even the freshest face a tired appearance—but these common eye woes should never keep you from putting your best face forward. Choosing the best eye care product for your particular concern can help minimize the appearance of dark circles, puffy eyes, and fine lines.

Whether you’ve just hit the Big 3-0, you’re powering through your Still Flawless 40s, or you’re a 50 plus Classic Beauty, Clarins has an eye care product that’s just right for you.

Step #3: Serums

Face serums deliver a concentration of ingredients to the skin that amplify the benefits of your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Clarins face serums use a range of botanicals sourced from around the world. Some of these ingredients are seasoned stand-bys, while others are at the forefront of skincare innovation. Finding the best face serum for your skin begins with your personal skin goals. Clarins has a targeted serum for every concern, including aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, firming, hydration, dark spots and brightening, contouring, mattifying, and sensitivity. Just a few drops is all it takes to power up your beauty routine.

Step #4: Moisturizers

Everyone needs to use a moisturizer, not only those with dry skin. In fact, the best skincare regimens for oily skin never skimp on moisturizer. Clarins oily and combination skincare products are formulated to deliver the right levels of moisture to ensure skin stays healthy-looking. Without enough moisture, oil glands work overtime to keep skin from drying out, which can lead to blemishes and clogged pores.

All Clarins face moisturizers use natural plant extracts—each carefully selected for its effectiveness and delivered in optimal concentrations to reveal the natural beauty of your skin, and all ingredients are sourced with the utmost care for the environment to protect our planet’s biodiversity.

Did you know that essential oils are one of the most deliciously aromatic and effective ways to treat skin concerns? Clarins Face Treatment Oils are made from 100 percent pure plant extracts. Ingredients like blue orchid, hazelnut, patchouli, lavender and sandalwood help to visibly revitalize and tone, and leave skin feeling supple and satin soft.

Keep in mind that your skin has different needs during the day than it does when you sleep—so have one moisturizer on hand for the morning, and use another before bed.

Extra skincare TLC

Now that you’ve built your simple 4-step skincare routine, why stop there? If your regimen tends to stop at your jawline, start including the neck and décolleté in your daily routine. Caring for the skin on your neck and décolleté with adequate moisture is important for all skin types, but is an especially important part of skincare for dry skin. Keep in mind that taking care of this area should start before the first signs of aging appear in your 30s and 40s - not just on your neck and décolleté, but also on your face.

No skincare routine is complete without regular use of exfoliators and face masks. They’re an essential part of the best skincare routines for acne—helping to prevent build-up of pore-clogging debris to visibly brighten and balance acne-prone skin.

All Clarins exfoliators use natural exfoliating plant-based formulas that will never damage the skin or strip it of its natural oils. While Clarins face masks—depending on your skin concern—help to visibly soften and comfort the skin, smooth the appearance of fine lines, and act as the ultimate pick-me-up for tired, stressed skin. My Clarins has everything young skin needs to visibly maintain its youth and radiance, while the rest of our products will see you through your 30s and into the golden years.

Never leave home without protection

UV protectors are a summer essential, but they’re equally important all year-round too. UV rays are just as harmful during the winter as they are in the summer. UVA rays can penetrate window glass and they’re especially harmful on snowy days, since the rays are multiplied by the reflective nature of the snow. UV protectors are important for everyone, no matter the shade of your skin—so make sure you’re giving your skin the beautiful future it deserves by finishing off your skincare routine with the best layer of protection you can give your skin.